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    Smile Royal Gambit In Richfield

    I just listened to the new Straight Arrow release and I really have to say that this is one of the best audience recorded shows I have ever heard! The sound is just exzellent and the same can be said about the artwork of the cover. Really nice!

    The show itself is definitely one of the best concerts of 1976. No nonsense, no slurred speech and no bullshit. Just a straight show with an entertainer in great voice and with a marvellous song lineup.

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    I heard a sample from this release, and I'll agree that the sound on it was absolutely stunning for an audience recording

    Personally, I enjoy listening to shows taped from the audience, provided that the sound is listenable. When you listen to a show taped liked this, it puts you right there in with the fans, and it's always fun not only hearing the music, but also the fan comments and sounds
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    Where can I find samples of it?


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