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Thread: Learn To Play Elvis With Scotty Moore And DJ Fontana.

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    Learn To Play Elvis With Scotty Moore And DJ Fontana.

    Scotty Moore and DJ Fontana ,will have videos up today showing you how to play five of the King's classics including "Jailhouse Rock", "Heartbreak Hotel" and "Hound Dog" on the iVideosongs website.

    Press Release

    iVideosongs ( announced today the addition of five Elvis Presley songs to its growing catalog of high-def music instruction videos. The new songs, "Don't Be Cruel," "Heartbreak Hotel," "Hound Dog," "Jailhouse Rock" and "That's Alright," feature Elvis' original band mates, guitarist Scotty Moore and drummer D.J. Fontana.

    iVideosongs is the new service that shows aspiring musicians everywhere how to play their favorite songs completely and accurately, with the instruction provided by the original artists who wrote, performed and produced them, and also from expert instructors.

    "Playing these songs is a reminder of the raw power of Elvis' early music, when he was a young rocker and before he became the cultural icon," said Tim Huffman, CEO of iVideosongs. "Scotty Moore and D.J. Fontana were a big part of the Elvis sound. On these iVideosongs titles, Scotty and D.J. show how to play these great songs and they bring them to life with stories about the king and his music."

    iVideosongs has licensed full rights to its songs from BMG Music Publishing, EMI Music Publishing, Sony/ATV Music Publishing, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner/Chappell Music and also many secondary and tertiary publishers. This allows the company to provide complete and accurate instructional titles, presented exactly as they were originally written and performed. The iVideosongs titles are primarily for electric and acoustic guitarists, but titles for bass, keyboards and drums are also included in the catalog.

    iVideosongs offers three kinds of music instruction content. Tutorials designed to improve basic to advanced skills are available free of charge. Complete and accurate songs, instructed by professional music teachers cost $4.99. Complete and accurate songs, taught by the original artists who wrote, performed and/or produced them, cost $9.99.

    iVideosongs customers can choose a skill level and genre, and then download the high- def titles to their personal computer, iPod or other device. Each song title is presented in chapter format, so aspiring musicians learn the introduction, verse, chorus, bridge, outro and other elements in bite-size pieces and at their own pace. Each title also includes a master performance so customers can compare their progress against the song, and tablature notation to aid in learning. Titles featuring artists also include an interview segment, where they reveal the inspiration and influences that went into the creation of the song.
    iVideosongs launched the beta of its service this past January 29, 2008.

    About iVideosongs

    iVideosongs is the pioneering music instruction service that enables aspiring musicians of all skills levels to learn how to accurately play complete songs from the original artists who wrote and performed them, and also from legendary sidemen and a staff of exceptional instructors. iVideosongs on-demand, high-def video titles live on customer'' computers, iPods and other devices, and are accessible to them whenever and wherever they like.

    Visit to start learning today.

    2008/04/08 - James V Roy - /

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    This is pretty cool...I'll pass the info along to my sons. I have one who is a pretty dang good banjo/guitar player, but is still learning...and one who is learning to play. The third is trying to decide which one to put the most effort into...a guitar or a banjo. But I'm pretty sure that one of them will want to learn some of these songs. Thanks for the post Jen...

    Daddy, I miss you more every day. You will always be my hero..

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