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Thread: Elvis as King ??

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    Elvis as King ??

    I believe that Elvis was/is the King...not of just Rock and Roll..
    but the King of all music..
    He not only changed music as we know it...
    but changed society as a whole....
    There is an Elvis influence in almost every aspect of entertainment...

    *The segment at the end of "Aloha,From Hawaii"...
    where Elvis gets down on one knee,thrusts both fists in the air...
    stands up...
    then someone hands him a CROWN...
    he grasps it as he exits the stage....
    it's breathtaking..
    I've watched and analyzed this footage 100's of times...

    It's a "PERFECT" moment...
    I've never seen one better..
    every other entertainer pales in the SHADOW of ELVIS...especially in ALOHA..

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    I've always considered the end of the Aloha show to have been the perfect punctuation to a landmark performance.

    From the cape being thrown to the audience, to the perfectly timed air punch, to the final strides of victory across the stage, there was never a more opportune moment for the King to be presented with his crown, than at the end of this worldwide telecast.

    A glorious moment.

    'What, honey ? ..... one scarf for the balcony ?! ........... OK ........... gimme a baseball ! ............ there's no way unless you put a rock in it'.

    (Las Vegas - 7th December 1975)

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    The Cape and Belt

    I've always thought there was alot of symbolism in ALOHA..
    whether it was intentional or not..
    you're right..
    The Belt at the end of Trilogy...the cape at the end of Can't Help Falling in Love....
    it seemed that Elvis was saying to the crowd,and the worldwide audience..
    here I am...I've given everything to you...performance's my belt..
    the fans deserve it..
    Here's my cape...I don't need it...

    punching the air with his fists..
    he seems to say..."I did it"..
    then ...
    after giving Belt and cape to the audience....
    he is handed the crown...
    he appears humbled by it..but was so fitting..
    Many people are critical of the Aloha show..saying he was too stiff...etc..
    I think it was a " PERFECT PERFORMANCE"....

    and even when I saw Elvis in 1977...he still had a magnetism that was unreal..
    When he hit the was almost supernatural..

    Everytime I listen to an Elvis concert on CD..
    and I hear 2001 and opening riff..
    I get chills...remembering like it was yesterday when I saw him hit the stage..

    Wade ( HRH )

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