New CD is being released by Memory Records:

It's the first MEMORY CD that contains 8 PAGE BOOKLET with a lot of rare and good photographs of Elvis in 1977, with a long essay. A collection of very rare interviews from radio and TV broadcasts ( with Ginger Alden, Dr. Nick, Dr. Ghanem, Rick Stanley among others ) concerning Elvis Presley tragic death, health and drug problems was was completed with more than 20 minutes of remastered and mostly unreleased 1977 live tracks taken from excellent quality audience recorded tapes.


01. August 16th 1977: Introduction of Ginger Alden (Rapid City 21.06.1977) / Ginger Alden interview / Overview of last 12 hours of Elvis' life / Jerry Francisco press conference (Shelby County Medical Examiner) #1.

02. I Really Don't Want To Know (Jacksonville 30.05.1977).

03. Cover-up: Maurice Elliot interview (spokesman for Baptist Memorial Hospital) / Dr. Noel Florindo interview (asst. doctor during autopsy).

04. The Truth Comes Out: Bio Science Laboratory test results / Dr. Jerry Francisco press conference #2 / Raymond Kelly interview (from Bio Science Laboratory) / Matthew Ellenhorn interview (toxicologist) / Cirol Wick interview (coroner / medical Examiner) / David Stanley interview (Elvis' stepbrother) / Ginger Alden interview (Elvis last girlfriend) / Ricky Stanley (Elvis' stepbrother) / W. S. Nash interview (pharmacist who filled Elvis' perscriptions).

05. Help Me (Lincoln 20.06.1977).

06. Geraldo Rivera asks why and who allowed this to happen to Elvis.

07. Keeping an Eye on the King: John O'Grady interview (Elvis and Vernon's private detective) / Jack Kelly interview (private detective) / Dr. Max Shapiro interview (Elvis dentist also known as Dr. Feelgood) / Ricky Stanley interview.

08. How Great Thou Art (Tempe 23.03.1977).

09. Dr. Nick speaks out: Dr. George Nichopoulos interview / Marty Lacker interview.

10. Dr. Nick Again: Dr. George Nichopoulos interview / Jack Kirsch interview.

11. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Binghampton 27.05.1977).

12. Proof of cover-up: W. J. Hampton Jr. interview (Expert on Elvis' 1977 tours).

13. Warning Signs: Conclusion of cover-up story / Barbara Childers INTERVIEW (she found prescription bottle in Elvis' airplane's trash in February, 1977 while Elvis was performing in Charlotte, NC).

14. Unchained Melody (Lincoln 20.06.1977).

15. Famous People speak about Elvis: Carl Perkins interview / Al Green interview / Chet Atkins interview / Chuck Berry interview / Charlie Rich interview / Segments of Madison Square Garden press conference.

16. More Famous People Speak about Elvis: Marianne McKinnis interview / Knox Phillips interview (Sam Phillips' son) / Elliot Clark interview / Floyd Cramer interview / Rufus Thomas interview (Black disk jockey) / J.D. Sumner interview.

17. Hurt (Johnson City 19.02.1977).

18. Elvis' close friends speak: Richard Scates (Elvis Memphis Friend) / Willie Nichols (Elvis' Memphis friend) / Sonny West and Dave Hebler interview (Elvis' Bodyguards) regarding their book "Elvis What Happened" / Dr. Elias Ghanam interview / Sonny West interview / Marion Cocke interview (Elvis Nurse) / J.D. Sumner interview Sonny West Interview / David Stanley interview / My Way (excerpt, Orlando, 15.02.1977).