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Thread: The Lisa Marie

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    The Lisa Marie

    I thought this might interest people here.

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    I read this earlier and meant to reply then, but forgot to.

    I think it's very interesting because I never knew he owned more than the 2 planes that are now at Graceland.

    So where are the others?

    Where's Colonel Parkers that he bought him?

    Seein that there's so many out there, maybe Sillerman can hunt them down and bring them all back to Memphis and build a airplane museum for all of the planes together?

    They're gonna have to come up with soemthin new even after they expand to expand again down the road even more to keep new folks comin.

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    Thanks for the link. The man was really rich to have owned all those planes. His manager sounded spoiled. I wouldn't have turned down a customized plane if someone famous bought it for me. He should have accepted it as a gift if nothing else.

    I like your idea Keke about a aircraft museum. That would be awesome to see at Graceland with the other planes that are already there. But hey, maybe with the $1 billion they're about to spend, maybe they will do this?

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    Here's a site that has tons of info 'bout the Lisa Marie:

    The Lisa Marie

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    Thank you very much for sharing, interesting to read!
    Taking Care of Business
    Til we meet you again, may God bless you, Adios.

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    Thanks for the announcement I am going to think
    For the price

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