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Thread: The TCB Band will play the exciting city of Nieuw-Vennep in Holland

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    The TCB Band will play the exciting city of Nieuw-Vennep in Holland

    In cooperation with ElvisMatters, the Dutch promoter Volendam Music has booked the TCB Band for a live show on Saturday March 29th.

    Lead singer for the Band (James Burton, Jerry Scheff, Glen Hardin) is Maarten Jansen.

    Rene Shuman & Angel-eye has been asked to open the show, while Lee Towers will do a guest performance.

    Tickets are now for sale - just click the link below.

    Saturday March 29: TCB Band Live with guests - Van Zantenhal, 1415 IJweg Nieuw Vennep (NL)

    Tickets: 29.50 euro

    Doors: 7 pm

    Please follow this link for more details:
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    And they are comming to Denmark too .....I`m going to hear them live for the first time april 25...looking foreward to it

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    I would love to see them live that would be very neat to witness.
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