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Thread: star dvd

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    star dvd

    Hello guys.
    i was hoping that someone can give me an email or anything to order some of the Titles that these guys have released??.

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    I think Essential Elvis sell them.

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    looking to cut out middle man if poss...i want to buy in bulk??
    thanks man

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    Star DVDs

    What are you looking for? I got most of the good ones if you want to deal with me. I put them on printable DVDs so no labels are involve. Covers are the best quality that is possible.


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    PM sent Kelly.
    "How do I get placed in situations like this? Ah hell, I guess it's all part of showbusiness "~ Elvis in his limo on his way to perform in Omaha, NE on June 19th 1977

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    Quote Originally Posted by BradM View Post
    PM sent Kelly.
    Anyone who is interested in the ORIGINAl latest STAR release ( and all previous releases) from the ORIGINAL source, feel free to contact me.
    Be the first one to have it!

    you canīt get any closer.....

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