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Thread: High Voltage! (Birmingham '76 Revisited)

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    High Voltage! (Birmingham '76 Revisited)


    01. Also Sprach Zarathustra
    02. See See Rider
    03. I Got A Woman / Amen
    04. Love Me
    05. Fairytale
    06. You Gave Me A Mountain
    07. Jailhouse Rock
    08. O Sole Mio (Sherill Nielson) / It's Now Or Never
    09. Trying To Get To You
    10. My Way
    11. Polk Salad Annie
    12. Band Introductions
    13. Early Morning Rain (complete version)
    14. What'd I Say
    15. Johnny B Goode
    16. Drum Solo Ronnie Tutt
    17. Bass Solo Jerry Scheff
    18. Piano Solo Tony Brown
    19. Electric Piano Solo David Briggs
    20. Love Letters
    21. School Days
    22. Funny How Time Slips Away
    23. Hurt (last verse repeated)
    24. Hound Dog
    25. For The Good Times
    26. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
    27. Unchained Melody
    28. Mystery Train / Tiger Man
    29. Can't Help Falling In Love
    30. Closing Vamp

    31. You Gave Me A Mountain (original binaural sound)
    32. Unchained Melody (original binaural sound)

    Note: This great concert was released for the first time in 1998 on the 2001 label under the title: Burning In Birmingham. Now Audionics and 2001 joined forces to release this cd. The sound quality is improved and stereo now.

    Label: Audionics & 2001
    Released: 2008
    Sound Quality: very good (soundboard / stereo)

    Date: December 29, 1976
    Location: Birmingham

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    space saved for reviews

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    high voltage and hot august night

    I'd like to ask a question if anybody knows the answer.
    i bought 2 cds on ebay "Hot August Night" and "High Voltage" but his cds were released in just a card sleeve and not a jewl case. Do you know something about a release in just a card sleeve and not in a jewl case? I'm asking these questins because they seem to be "copies" and not original bootleegs. i thinj they come from Nederland, from a fan club (the seller told me these things).
    I'm sorry for my bad english.

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    THink you got copies then as far as i know these both were definitley released in jewel cases.
    Might i add i played this cd in the car today and hurt, unchained melody, and my way were amazing.
    "How do I get placed in situations like this? Ah hell, I guess it's all part of showbusiness "~ Elvis in his limo on his way to perform in Omaha, NE on June 19th 1977

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    I'm agree with "Col Jon Burrows" about the CD's "Hot August Night" and "High Voltage" the first & original released are in jewel cases...
    "Hot August Night"(MADISON) ; all the CD's from the MADISON label came out in jewel cases... Not the same for the FORT BAXTER label!
    There are a lot of poor copies on CDR from these both labels on eBay...
    Usualy, few numbers &/or letters are printed on the center of the CDR's...

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    Re: High Voltage! (Birmingham '76 Revisited)

    Very good show.

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    Re: High Voltage! (Birmingham '76 Revisited)

    the show is very good this is one of my favourites

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    Re: High Voltage! (Birmingham '76 Revisited)

    this is a good concert,but some of david briggs playing overpowers some of the other performers!!, and it bugs me a lil bit,but good concert!
    Play it James!

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    Re: High Voltage! (Birmingham '76 Revisited)

    very good concert for 1976, especially for the for the good times great prestation for elvis
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    Re: High Voltage! (Birmingham '76 Revisited)


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    Re: High Voltage! (Birmingham '76 Revisited)

    A must have
    Destination deals the cards we're just playing.

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