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    Gold Belt

    When was the last time Elvis wore the belt? What is the last known pic of him wearing it? Thanks
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    I think he wore it during the sound checks for the Aloha concert. I don't recall seeing any photos though.

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    That's a tough one to answer. From the info we have now one might conclude that the last time Elvis wore the "Gold Attendance Belt" on stage was on November 15, 1972, Long Beach, California, in combination with the 1972 "Saturn Suit".

    We know a little or nothing about the Jan/Feb 1973 Las Vegas engagement but there is a possibility he wore the belt during that period.

    As for wearing the belt in private..... that's impossible to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EP6873 View Post
    I think he wore it during the sound checks for the Aloha concert. I don't recall seeing any photos though.

    I don't think Elvis wore it for the "Aloha" rehearsals...but I may be wrong....he did wear the blue jacket at a rehearsal for "Aloha" that he wore at the MSG press conference, though. That picture (which I think is here on the boards in the gallery somewhere) is the only picture I've ever seen of the rehearsals for "Aloha".

    Speaking of that, why have there been so few pics from the rehearsal that have surfaced?? Also, I picked up a copy of the new book "Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii-The Day Elvis Came Closest To Japan" over the weekend. It's a good book but it's a small book--especially for the price ($71.90 US dollars). I was hoping to see a "deluxe edition"-type of book since this year is/was the 35th anniversary of the "Aloha" show but there's really only pics from the two shows in November and the two press conferences and the main "Aloha" show and very few pictures from the filmed "rehearsal" on January 12, 1973. I'm not complaining...just a tad disappointed...
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