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Thread: aloha and '68 dvd covers

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    Unhappy aloha and '68 dvd covers

    ok its a bit late but i sat down today and had a proper and careful look at both the 'aloha deluxe edition' and the '68 comback deluxe edition' covers and god am i dissapointed.

    The outside cover box is nothing short of superb .I love nearly everything on the cardboard box the both dvds come in however,then you get to the books included in each and you have it in your head to expect nice beautiful quaility pictures.Seeing how this is from the people who own a vault full of elvis pictures.

    But when you open it,its nothing short of rubbish.Each and every picture is just a screen grab.While some may like this i think the use of screen grabs,especially poor quaility ones,is just .

    Its not like there arent decent pictures for both '68 and aloha? theres hundreds.Yet for some very strange reason they included screen grabs

    I know many may say,' its the content not the cover ' ' we dont play the cover in our dvd ' ,or something along those lines,however considering we expect people other then elvis fans to buy this wouldnt it be agood idea to make the WHOLE cover quaility not just the outside

    However this is a good design (no need to talk about the content of the dvds thats just stunning) however i personally found the covers on both very bad ,not the actual design just pictures used.

    Be nice to get fellow fans views on this and if you too was dissapointed by the cover/package

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    I like the cover,...a little plain since we cant see elvis pic on it, specially the aloha one, only elvis $%@#@&*(..the book its all old pic in there, all fan knew and its all over internet , its screen capture unfortunately..
    Is there anyway..that people ( artist ) on artwork sections making kind of "your own book" of the aloha shows ? just for the tcb forum ...
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