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Thread: Elvis A Legendary Performer series

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    Elvis A Legendary Performer series

    How many of you like these Elvis album's.

    Right now i am playing vol-3 on my cd player.

    its only a cdr copy from my lp collection.

    i have put all 4 vol- on cd, and i have covers for these.
    not home made version the look a like from the original sleaves.

    so far i dont think that these ever put out on cd if they did it was for very
    shot time.
    Curtis Simpkins

    Long Live Vinyl. :worthy:

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    I think volume one and two were released in the US as a budget cd...
    Atleast I saw one of them on cd but i did not buy them cause I think there were missing tracks when compaired to the LP's...I liked vol 3 and 4 the best.
    Also have the picture disc version of volume 3 looks great!!!

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    Yes, only volumes one and two were ever released on cd. And not for a very long time at that.
    They were released on the RCA/Camden canada i think ( but would have to check the discs again for that )
    CAD1-2705 & CAD1-2706...if thats of any interest to anyone

    I have them...they are the same as the vinyl versions as far as i can recall.
    Shame they never released the whole series. They could quite easily do them at a budget price...maybe two on one disc
    It would be nice to have them all after all...even if most if not all has now been released elsewhere
    TCB Chris.


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    I only have the LP's of this serie, but I like every one of them. I hope to put them on cd one day. However that takes a lot of time.

    Be safe and take care,

    Christel (TCE)

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