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Thread: Blu-Ray Wins

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    Blu-Ray Wins

    The article from the NY Times tell the full story;
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    O well, the amount of sold HD-DVD and Blueray combined are close to zero compared to the amount of dvd's that are still selling.

    The whole competition between the two formats is forced upon us by the two camps. It's a push marketingstrategy, there's a little demand to both by the movie-watching audience.

    Newspapers make it seem bigger than it really is. And besides that: both media are already doomed, because streaming data (and just buffer or storing it at home on a device or server) is the real future.

    THe movie industry won't be very different from the music industry very soon. With music the amount of sold cd's are less than the amount of music sold/streamed/downloaded online.
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    paul i know you know the team from praytome publishing (elvis behind the image ,adrenaline...) do you know if they are planning to do movie productions on blue ray ?

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