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Thread: Afternoon In Nashville, An

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    Afternoon In Nashville, An

    Afternoon In Nashville, An


    01. See see rider
    02. I got a woman / Amen
    03. Help me make it through the night
    04. Steamroller blues
    05. You gave me a mountain
    06. Love me
    07. Blue suede shoes
    08. Long tall Sally/Whole lotta shakin' goin' on
    09. I'm leavin'
    10. How great Thou art
    11. Hound dog
    12. Fever
    13. Something
    14. Faded love
    15. What now my love
    16. Suspicious minds
    17. Band introductions
    18. I'll remember you
    19. I can't stop loving you
    20. Big hunk o' love
    21. Love me tender
    22. Can't help falling in love
    23. Closing riff

    Label: Coast To Coast 001
    Released: 1999
    Sound quality: poor/average (audience recording)

    Date: July 1, 1973 (Afternoon show)
    Location: Nashville, Tennessee

    Jumpsuit: White snowflake suit

    Reviews: n/a

    Pictures: 1
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 01_jul_73_3-00pm_01.jpg  
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    Just for the diehards who wanna have every show, quality is real bad, and besides that an average 1973 show, nothing special on this one.
    I leave the desicion up to yourself if you wanna get this one.

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    The show isn't complete on this CD, "American trilogy" is missing.


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    Good Show , really bad sound!

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    I liked this show,maybe one day it may come out on FTD...if they have a soundboard from this show of course.
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    Another Excellent tour show from 73. Pity the sound is not that great because the show really is and the setlist from that time period was awesome!!
    "How do I get placed in situations like this? Ah hell, I guess it's all part of showbusiness "~ Elvis in his limo on his way to perform in Omaha, NE on June 19th 1977

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