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Thread: Cash, Lewis, Orbison, Perkins - We Remember The King.

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    Cash, Lewis, Orbison, Perkins - We Remember The King.

    Taped in September of 1985 this was used in the tv special "Class of 55 - A Rock'n'Roll Homecoming". They didn't rock too much alltogether, but good enough and the songs sung by Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Roy Orbison and Jerry Lee Lewis appeared on the lp/cd of the same name.

    The video has never been released, wich is a shame, and I bet there is so much more material in the vaults to make a nice Dvd for the fans.

    Click Here:

    2007/12/20 opurkert - youtube /

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    I remember hearing them sing a song "We remember the king" many years ago and I really liked it beacause it really did sound like they were singing about a good friend of theirs,and there was a beautiful melancholy to it....I`ll check this out later on this evening.Thanks for the tip!...

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    Quote Originally Posted by presley31 View Post
    The video has never been released
    The video sits in one of my cupboards ...
    Getlo - cute'n'cuddly

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    I have seen this video a quite long time ago..I really like the song. And it's very touching.

    here is another tribute from those same guys:

    [CENTER]"The only time I can be me is when I walk through the door and lock it from the inside" -Elvis

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    Thank you both so much for these wonderful tribute videos by some great singers Jen and Jatta....I'd never seen either one....super cool! Yup, must be vulnerable today, shed a few tears over them. Also made me realize how much I also miss Roy Orbison.


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    Wasn't Rick Nelson also a part of something like this? Or am I mistaken?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony Trout View Post
    Wasn't Rick Nelson also a part of something like this? Or am I mistaken?
    He recorded in Memphis in the 80s but according to his official site it was never released:
    Memphis Sessions
    May 1986 Epic FE 40388
    Remixed version of the unreleased ROCKABILLY RENAISSANCE album.

    1. That's Alright Mama 6. Almost Saturday Night
    2. It's All Over Now 7. Lay Back In The Arms Of Someone You Love
    3. Dream Lover 8. Stuck In The Middle
    4. Rave On 9. Send Me Somebody To Love
    5. Sleep Tight, Good Night Man 10. True Love Ways

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    Thanks jen for the link it was really good.

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