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Thread: Behind Closed Doors

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    Behind Closed Doors

    Behind Closed Doors


    01. Lonely man (take 1)
    02. I slipped I stumbled I fell (takes 14-16)
    03. Wild in the country (takes 1,15,16)
    04. In my way (take 1)
    05. Forget me never (takes 1,2)
    06. Hawaiian wedding song (take 1)
    07. Island of love (takes 5,7,8)
    08. Steppin' out of line (takes 19,8)
    09. Almost always true (takes 4,5)
    10. Moonlight swim (takes 1,2)
    11. Can't help falling in love (takes 20,21,22,24)
    12. Beach boy blues (takes 1,3)
    13. King of the whole wide world (take 31)
    14. This is living (take 3)
    15. Home is where the heart is (take 7)
    16. I got lucky (take 2)
    17. A whistling tune (takes 3-7)
    18. Drums of the islands (takes 1-3)
    19. This is my heaven (take 3)
    20. Swing down sweet chariot (take 10)
    21. Almost (take 31)
    22. Signs of the zodiac
    23. Wiffenpoof song / Violet
    24. Gentle on my mind
    25. Faded love

    Label: Audifon AFNS 66072-4
    Released: 1989
    Sound quality: good

    Reviews: n/a
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    In Mid1980's I starting Rare LP's this was my third one I Buy That Time, It's Was one best that time next to burbank Sessions lp's, I buy first, There alot say about this release, My favorlvte about was the Live cuts, I got A woman From 8-22-69, At end the song Elvis have trouble with his pants, He say Danm pants, The Suspicious Minds from 2/16/70, one best Live Version I Hear, To Bad RCA/BMG haven't Release it yet, The Polk Salad Annie Is Great another Version, You Can Hear Elvis cut loose on.
    I give LP version 10 of 10


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    Anywhere I can lay my hands on this album??

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