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Thread: Deep Down South

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    Deep Down South


    01. 2001: A space odyssey
    02. See see rider
    03. I got a woman / Amen
    04. Love me
    05. If you love me let me know
    06. Love me tender
    07. All shook up
    08. Teddy bear / Don't be cruel
    09. Hound dog
    10. The wonder of you
    11. Burning love
    12. Introductions to band
    13. Johnny B Goode
    14. School days
    15. Bridge over troubled water
    16. T.R.O.U.B.L.E.
    17. Hawaiian wedding song
    18. Let me be there
    19. American trilogy
    20. Funny how time slips away
    21. Little darlin'
    22. Mystery train / Tiger man
    23. Can't help falling in love
    24. Closing riff

    Label: King Records 7596-1
    Released: 1997
    Sound quality: very good (soundboard)

    Date: June 3, 1975
    Location: Tuscaloosa

    Jumpsuit: Red phoenix suit

    Reviews: n/a
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    This show is very good. Buy it if you have a chance!!!
    Destination deals the cards we're just playing.

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    The cd comes with a nice booklet with some good pics of our man. The sound is only ok, but the show itself is just great. Elvis seems to enjoy himself and he is in good voice. The performed songs are well choosen, too. A nice addition to everyone's collection.

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