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Thread: 14 Most Controversial Moments In Music.

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    14 Most Controversial Moments In Music.

    Elvis shakes his pelvis (1956)

    He's the man that changed the face of music forever, but however much the teens of the day adored him, the establishment was suspicious of what they deemed his lascivious ways. The New York Times is reported to have stated that "when Presley executes his bumps and grinds, it must be remembered ... that even the twelve-year-old's ... curiosity may be over-stimulated."

    While another renowned publication wrote that popular music "has reached its lowest depths in the 'grunt and groin' antics of one Elvis Presley."

    Some called his actions "sexual self-gratification on stage" and "a strip-tease with clothes on" while one state judge went so far as to call Presley a "savage," threatening to arrest him if he shook his body while performing in his jurisdiction.

    For more moments in musicfrom other Artists:

    2007/10/31 /

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    Still amuses me at how critical they were on Elvis back in the early days when he was first starting out compared to what takes place these days..but boy did he rock their world back then..
    "How do I get placed in situations like this? Ah hell, I guess it's all part of showbusiness "~ Elvis in his limo on his way to perform in Omaha, NE on June 19th 1977

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    Thanks for sharing! Elvis wouldn't be half the legend he is if he hadn't start something brand new back in these days...

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    Yup he sure had them "All Shook Up". They thought he was nothin but a
    "Hound Dog".


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