Hello there. Dont want to take up too much time. Just want to post a short note. If there are any Elvis club presidents on here, i'm the President of If I Can Dream in Wash.State, i would really like to donate some of my resently published books to another club that may be having a charity event coming up soon. Possibly in the form of a raffle? No money back to me or my club for this offer. We'd just like to get involved and help out. Especially interested if anyone is planning a fuction for the new Presley Place, New Orleans.

Please email me if you have time at [email protected]. This is not nessesary restricted to just US Clubs either. Pending my personal finances i'd consider any Elvis club.

Thanks guys sorry for the short interuption. I was very touched by Lisa's statements at the 30th concert this year in Aug. Just would like to help out in a way that i can.