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Thread: movie song greats

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    I've always enjoyed the gems from Elvis' movies i have the 60's masters 2 the command performances and i love it!
    Yes okay i admit some are a little cheesey - but that's what makes them different and fun.There's something for everyone, The slow ones like - wild in the country and They remind me to much of You. Then there is the rockers like = Long legged girl with the short dress on, Bossa Nova Baby and Clean up your own back yard. Then there is the fun side of things like - Mexico, Little Egypt, Puppet on a String.
    Not forgetting Stay away Joe either!!
    Yes call me strange if you like but i love the movie songs!

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    There's more than a few good movie songs, huh? sure,I love a good ballad, esp. if Elvis is singing it. but I do like good ole rock & roll. C'mon everybody, Shopping Around ( not really R&R, but a great beat) Rubbernecking, just a good assortment. thanks for your input, i've been looking up alot of songs, & so far, not many bad ones - I didn't bother to look up Old MacDonald - i have that one on a cd - Elvis sings for Kids - & grownups,too! I thought it was funny. 'and when those cows got out of line hamburger, medium rare' right now, i'm listening to Walls have ears on YOuTube! Another funny one, but the tango beat - sexy!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rover View Post
    I don't know Tender Feelings
    Don't worry Ricardo, that's what I'm planning to do: watch every movie Elvis has ever made
    I'll come back with new songs titles once it will be done!

    I love the song Tender Feeling Dourlet

    Here Rover I hope you like it too
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    until the Twelfth of Never, I'll still be loving you


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    Definately "Puppets on a string" from "Girl Happy", "Kismet" from " Harum Scarum" and my last choise is " Because of love" from " Girls, girls, girls!"
    Goodbye Rosanne...Your "family" in TCB will always remember you.

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    That draws the line between the old fans and the starters. Most of them never got the chance to watch all the Elvis movies to their disadvantage. There were great songs from the movies but never got the chance to be recognized for lack of exposure and play time.
    It is true you can never satisfy everyone all the time. What seems cool to me maybe the opposite to you and that's the way it is in this world.

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    I don't know if I'm an old fan. I'm still young (22yo) but I do know and enjoy his movie songs.. ah well!

    all the goons I left behind, memories still linger..

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    There's a lot of nice movie songs....Some of the ones' I like are:

    Edge Of Reality
    G.I. Blues
    Return To Sender

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    I absolutely love Let Yourself Go, although i do prefer the 68 version.. and i also think basically all of the Viva Las Vegas soundtrack is fantastic, if u don't take the movies too serious the songs can be a good cheer u up, because they are so ridiculous sometimes! lol although i do draw the line at Old Macdonald! lol
    Life is beautiful, enjoy every second of it!! And don't forget to love!!

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    I can't even grasp why people dislike OldMacDonald. It's cute.

    all the goons I left behind, memories still linger..

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    Tender Feeling
    You Dont KNow Me
    Clean Up Your Own Back Yard
    Return To Sender
    Loving You
    Treat Me Nice
    Youre so Square
    Viva Las Vegas

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    Lover Doll; As Long As I Have You (though I think this one was a cover), and Almost In Love... There are so many other too.
    Let the stars fade and fall, and I won't care at all, as long as I have you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spanish eyes View Post
    IMO there are a lot of movie songs that are under-rated, the following are some of my faves:-

    1. You Don't Know Me (Clambake)
    2. Almost (The Trouble with Girls)
    3. Young and Beautiful (Jailhouse Rock)
    4. Treat Me Nice (Jailhouse Rock)
    5. As Long as I Have You (King Creole)
    6. Don't Ask Me Why (King Creole)
    7. Trouble (King Creole)
    8. I Don't Want To (Girls, Girls, Girls)
    9. Where Do You Come From (Girls, Girls, Girls)
    10. The Girl I Never Loved (Clambake)
    11. Singing Tree (Clambake)
    12. Mine (Speedway)
    13. Suppose (Speedway)
    14. Who Are You (Who Am I) (Speedway)
    15. Pocketful of Rainbows (GI Blues)
    16. Doin' the Best I Can (GI Blues)
    17. Shoppin' Around (GI Blues)
    18. Tonight is So Right for Love (GI Blues)
    19. Hard Knocks (Roustabout)
    20. Big Love, Big Heartache (Roustabout)
    21. Anyone (could fall in love with you) (Kissin' Cousins)
    22. This is My Heaven (Paradise, Hawaiian Style)
    23. I'm Falling In Love Tonight (It Happened at the World's Fair)
    24. Am I Ready (Released as California Holiday in the UK)
    25. Hard Luck - (Frankie and Johnny)
    26. Please Don't Stop Loving Me (Frankie and Johnny)
    27. What Every Woman Lives for (Frankie and Johnny)
    28. Wild in the Country (Wild in the Country)
    29. In My Way (Wild in the Country)
    30. Angel (Follow that Dream)
    Great list spanish eyes!! i totally agree with you!
    I don,t want to be tied is also great from girls girls girls!
    I,m sure you will enjoy to watch!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wendy56 View Post
    As Long As I Have You (though I think this one was a cover)
    No, an original I believe ...
    Getlo - cute'n'cuddly

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    Wow Maria..great songs...
    I really like GI blues and puppet on a string.awesome !!!
    Rosanne 4/27/59-7/22/09 Rest in Peace

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rover View Post
    Just a question, did he write the songs he did in these movies? If someone else wrote them, it would explain why they're so bad
    A lot of other people wrote these songs, as has been explained before, these songs were written for the movie - these movies were considered musicals, so like in most musicals when the characters come to a certain situation, they burst into song. Sometimes the songs tie in, in Elvis' movies, most times they didn't. The Old MacDonald song most everyone dislikes - as you will recall, Elvis & his companion were traveling to the next location in the back of a poultry truck - hence Old MacDonald. While, I'm sure the writers hope to have Oscar winners, mostly, they just need to fill in for a scene. The songs are short & tell a little story. Leiber & Stoller wrote HoundDog, Jailhouse Rock, You're the Boss, they also wrote Girls, Girls Girls "and when I pick up a sandwich to munch, a crunchy, crunchy, crunchy crunch, I never ever get to finish my lunch because there's always bound to be a bunch of girls - in tight sweaters. . .'

    I also remember reading somewhere that after awhile Leiber & Stoller quit writing for Elvis movies, they just didn't want to do the type of song the screenwriters wanted. [Perhaps this was in the Guralnick books?]

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