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Thread: what do you think would of happend to graceland if Memphis took control of it??

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    And please do not forget that for 4 years Cilla was not getting any child-support. She was used to living very well on what Elvis gave her. She had very good reason to want to make it a money making venture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MissyM View Post
    And please do not forget that for 4 years Cilla was not getting any child-support. She was used to living very well on what Elvis gave her. She had very good reason to want to make it a money making venture.
    Elvis did pay child support.

    He actually gave her more than what the court ordered.

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    Yes he did, she was never w/o money, verify your facts please.
    Money venture sure, but hey she divorced him, find another way to make money not off your ex and his property..or your daughters.

    Also in divorce it's said that it was stipulated she could not use the name Presley for business ventures so prior to his death it was Beaulieu after he died, wow look back to the name that makes her very wealthy.

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    Pris didn't do anyone a favor by opening Graceland to the public except herself! She had to maintain her lifestyle, and what better way than to monopolize on her EX-husband??? This is something that she has long been accustomed to doing, IMO.

    I wouldn't think that Memphis would ever have had the opportunity to take control of Graceland. But, if they did by some fluke, I'm sure they would have used it for the same reasons it has been used thus far....MONEY!

    Daddy, I miss you more every day. You will always be my hero..

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    Elvis died in 1977, and Graceland opened when? No child support after he died. Pricilla was not going to be able to maintain the life she was used to unless she did something and did it fast. soon as everyone died off she jumped on it! She would have ended up having to go back to being Pricilla B. Not like her C-rated movie offers were pouring in.

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    I think we covered just about everything about priscilla, but this thread is about memphis and graceland.
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    Well said Queen.
    And Presley31 since it was Pris decision to open the home for tours then yes she's very much connected w/the topic.
    Yes Pris had to maintain her lifestyle, please check your facts she continued to not only receive child support for Lisa til Lisa turned 18 but she continued to receive her alimony as well, she took Vernon to court over it to make sure she got her money.
    Vernon died in 1979, Pris opened Graceland June of 1982, though in interviews she stated that she "almost waited to long, 5 yrs." well lets do the math, she didn't have control 5 yrs prior.
    She NEEDS her ex husband for money and for the fame she craves yet claims is a burden, she could have removed herself long ago, and now what is she doing? sticking her face in all things Elvis, and Lisa who is she kidding?
    And yes Memphis did have the chance in 1980-81 to take Graceland and turn into tourist attraction, they declined, after doing all the demographics (yes the city did all the leg work for Pris and her team) and decided it would not be cost effective and that interest in Elvis would wane, I bet whomever made that decision or the city itself is kicking itself in the butt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suzan View Post
    LOL Marija friend, just saw ur post...I'm here hon I'm here.

    Graceland was NOT in debt at the time, it had the POTENTIAL to be so because of the yearly upkeep and no new revenue coming in, and Col. @ that time was still taking his fees out of what was coming in.
    Elvis left an estate worth 5 million, to me not a bad some for 1977, and not bad for today either...nobody here would turn that some down if offered to them.
    The POTENTIAL to be in debt, looming yes, but when decision made to open Graceland itself was fine.
    I agree Marija, unless by some act of God, EPE opened up their vaults and ledgers, untampered, raw, for us to look at, nobody except them (and their stories change) will know for sure, so to argue amongst ourselves is pointless and a waste of time, but to state our opinion and have that opinion respected, well that would be the optimum.

    May, wasting your breath, don't let anyone get to you...some always make statements and then have nothing to back it up with. Ignore, it's water off a ducks back as a wise man once said to me.

    dont worry Suzan, no-one gets to me that easily. Its best to ignore 'their' comments. It would be helpful if people could get all their facts right, as you do!

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    Hi May! Phew ok, I'm glad, I didn't want someone getting u in trouble. I'm that way to, can't get to me that easy. lol Yes some comments, your very correct, best to roll your eyes and ignore. rof
    Thank you I try! You do a good job of facts yourself! Kudos!!!!!

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