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Thread: Across The Country Vol.1

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    Across The Country Vol.1

    Across The Country Vol.1


    01. 2001: A space odyssey
    02. See see rider
    03. I got a woman / Amen
    04. Love me
    05. If you love me let me know
    06. You gave me a mountain
    07. Band introductions
    08. Early morning rain
    09. Chickin' pickin' / What'd I say
    10. Johnny B Goode
    11. Drum solo by Ronnie Tutt
    12. Fender bass solo by Jerry Scheff (Blues solo)
    13. Fender bass solo by Jerry Scheff (Battle Of New Orleans)
    14. Piano solo by Tony Brown
    15. Keyboard solo by David Briggs
    16. Love letters
    17. School days
    18. Happy birthday (to Kitten Kahane)
    19. Hurt (with reprise)
    20. Hound dog
    21. Can't help falling in love
    22. Closing riff / Announcements

    23. Jackie Kahane speaks out (Jim Neighbours tv show, 1978)
    24. My heavenly Father (by Kathy Westmoreland) (Pine Bluff, Sept.8, 1976)
    25. Mystery train/Tiger man (Pine Bluff, Sept. 8, 1976)
    26. Blue Christmas (Jackson, September 5, 1976)
    27. Jingle bells -instrumental (Jackson, September 5, 1976)
    28. How great Thou art (Jackson, September 5, 1976)
    29. Monologue (Jackson, September 5, 1976)
    30. Can't help falling in love (incomplete) (Jackson, September 5, 1976)
    31. Big boss man (Dayton, October 6, 1974es)
    32. The wonder of you (Dayton, October 6, 1974es)
    33. Lawdy miss clawdy (Dayton, October 6, 1974es)
    34. That's allright (with false start) (Dayton, October 6, 1974es)
    35. Hawaiian wedding song (with reprise) (Dayton, October 6, 1974es)
    36. Johnny B Goode (Dayton, October 6, 1974es)

    Label: Audionics 2005-04-2
    Released: 2005
    Sound quality: very good (soundboard)

    Date - tracks 01-22 : July 28, 1976 (8:30pm)
    Location: Hartford

    Jumpsuit: Bicentennial suit (white)

    Reviews: n/a
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    I wouldn't call it a classic release. The sound is poor for a soundboard recording and I don't believe that a first generation tape was used. Elvis wasn't at the peak of his powers, too and so everything was just going it's way. The normal songs sung the normal way. Here and there Elvis made a funny remark and at some point even the band jokingly played Jingle Bells (after Elvis had done Blue Christmas). Although there are a few interesting tracks, nothing is really special. A nice enough cd, but not more.

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