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Thread: August 1973 Soundboards

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    August 1973 Soundboards

    Since FTD will be releasing the closing show from the August 1973 Las Vegas engagement, I was wondering if anyone knows if they happen to have any soundboards from the shows performed in August where Elvis sang I Got a Woman/Amazing Grace, Make The World Go Away, Crying Time, and It's a Matter of Time?

    These would would make nice bonus songs for this already superb release!
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    the song "it's a matter of time" is listed on the fort baxter "it's a matter of time" as a bonus song.. the show itself is from february.....

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    The soundboard show Boogie means is the one released on the import "It's A Matter Of Time", it's the dinner show from February 5, 1973.

    It's A Matter Of Time is included as a bonus song. It was recorded August 25, 1973 (dinner show) This song is not a soundboard recording however. It's in fine quality, but it is recorded from the audience.


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    that's right, thanks sonny

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    I 'have the next sows on bootleg (soundboard)

    August: 26th, 1973
    19th, 1973
    11th, 1973
    20th, 1973
    30th, 1973

    But the songs you gave big boss isent on there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unchained
    Steve do you mean "Getting Down to Business"? I know the cover says Soundboard and August 30, but in real life it's recorded with two mics on the 31st of August (DS)
    Yes I mean that one,

    And olso under a other titel; shake rattel and roll (vegas collection vol.3)

    so it is a show from the 31 august?, well be dammed

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