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Thread: Not existing soundboards

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    Wink Not existing soundboards

    I have interesting question.

    Which show should be recorded on soundboard and it didn?t happened???

    Few tips:
    - Pontiac Silverdome
    - Pittsburgh New Year Eve
    - Adios concert
    - Houston 70 (with large 43.000+ attendance)
    - Las Vegas last show (CS in 76)
    - Lake Tahoe (two hour concert)
    (Blackmore - Gillan - Glover - Lord - Paice)
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    I choose the Adios Concert,

    I hope they recorded this on soundbord
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    the Adios Concert is recorded on soundboard. It is in the possesion of an Indianapolis radio DJ who wants a lotta money for it. I believe Ernst has been in contact with the thief but couldn?t work out a deal.

    Concerts that SHOULD have been recorded, but so far aren?t available on soundboard: the 2 shows in Uniondale, New York, july, 1975 (the Amercica?s Own shows)

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    I have to agree with Aron, the 2 Uniondale shows PLUS The Asheville Shows, they are great too, what a treat it will be to have them on soundboard

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    i agree with the uniondale shows, and second i would love the LA shows november 1970....

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    Definitely the Uniondale, NY and Asheville , NC shows from July 1975 should have been recorded. In addition, what about these:

    Hampton Roads, VA April 1972
    Chicago, IL Aug 1972
    Las Vegas Jan 1973 (opening show)
    Las Vegas Aug 73 (opening show)
    Las Vegas, Aug 1975(the request box shows + closing show)
    Las Vegas 1976 (opening + closing show)
    Atlanta, GA Dec 1976
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    This raises a question I have always wanted to ask someone..How do these people get a hold of this stuff, I mean how did an Indianapolis D.J. get a hold of a soundboard recording of an Elvis concert? Maybe sounds stupid, but I am curious as to how this happens without the wrath of RCA or BMG or whomever coming down on them. Are these soundboards not the property of RCA or EPE or something like that?

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    I also hard that the "Pittsburgh New Year Eve" was recorded on soundboard.
    and i think i read this on last year or two.
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