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Thread: Graceland Secret Door

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    Quote Originally Posted by marijaep View Post
    Nice pic Vissie, thanks

    What are the 2 skinny windows on the back of the house..what rooms or hallways is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JonRomanovich View Post
    What are the 2 skinny windows on the back of the house..what rooms or hallways is that?
    There is no hallway...there is a door to the left off the balcony, that leads or used to, down to the Jungle room. The 2 windows are what's at the top of the main stairs.

    I'll have the floorplans back on my site in a bit.

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    I will also mark what is what.

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    Quote Originally Posted by n-gageboy View Post
    I am sorry, but its not.. A friend of mine, who has lived at Graceland(Dont say who he is :-P) Told me that i was straight in as you come into the upstairs area. Do you know what I mean??
    But I could ask him about the secret room..

    Hmmm I was told by a Graceland source and from the floorplans I have (which caused me to ask him to begin with, lol) is that the door straight ahead is entrance to the bathroom and that the staircase to attic is next to Lisa's room. Yes please if you could re-verify as my source is telling me differently and it would be nice to have it clarified, I re-checked w/my sources and they stand by what they've told me...they too would know as were residents at one time.

    As for the secret room, there is no secret room inside Graceland, the secret room Lisa took Oprah too is a building on the grounds, visible from the street if you know where to look, the building is 2 stories, the stairs you saw them going down leads to the lower 1/2 where the artifacts are kept, the upper area is a "meeting room" of sorts w/a very huge table in the center of it. For those, like me who know people who've been to this area, please verify what I've just said because I'm not making this up, I have no reason to...I'm a fan like everyone else and I like to get info as well and I would not ever knowingly mislead anyone, all I'm saying and have said I got from inside sources. Also for those that doubt I"ve met and hung w/Lisa, please by all means write and ask her, her email addy is on her website. I don't like being called a liar and I've been called that by some via private pm's (so childish and unnecessary) and either point blank or roundabout on threads, which to me is unreal, how someone can accuse another w/o a shred of evidence or taking the time to bother to ask b4 making such accusation's.
    Anyway, thank you for offering to verify.
    I can show proof of my party w/Lisa, but am astounded that I would have to resort to this, I thought better of fellow Elvis fans, whom it has been my experience thru my own forum and those of other's to be mostly the case, I'm saddened that this is not that way, and it could be and it should be but for a handful. Majority of the people here , 99.8%I find incredibly nice and willing to discuss rationally and w/o attack, I find most here to be extremely polite and fun to talk with and toss idea's and opinion's around with. I find it sad that some, myself included, are finding it increasingly hard to share here.
    I believe anyone who say's they've been told by someone who knew Elvis, simply for the fact that yes these people interact w/the fans and if you become friendly w/them, as long as you promise not to blab their name all over the place, they will share things w/'s called trust.
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