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Thread: Bob Sillerman and EPE ought to start a NASCAR race team

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    Bob Sillerman and EPE ought to start a NASCAR race team

    After seeing Earnhardt racing the EP themed car tonight, imagine what major publicity it would draw to EP if EPE and FXS started a NASCAR race team. NASCAR is the biggest and most watched sport in the world now and this would be a win-win situation for EP's image and name. Besides EP is known to have portrayed a race car driver in 3 films. Can you imagine how many EP fans who don't even watch sports would be following NASCAR. And I can only imagine how many big name sponsors would be spending a fortune to have the EPE/CKX team to have them promoted on their car. "Without a shadow of a doubt, Bob Sillerman is the BEST thing to happen to the Elvis World in a very long time. Even EPE have stated this. During the next ten years we should see a massive boost for the Elvis Legacy."-courtesy, Brian Quinn

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    Hey jay, I love this idea! I'm not a fan of NASCAR, but they do have some hott cars out there.

    I missed the race last night. But I saw the Elvis car you were talkin about on the news. It was sharp how they had a huge Elvis face in his 68 comeback on the side.

    As for Elvis' movies where he was a racer....I could only think of 2 movies where he races in, Speedway and Viva Las Vegas.

    But back to your idea.....ITA, and think this would be soo cool for Elvis and his image.

    There's no doubt EPE has ran of of creative ideas to market and promote Elvis. This sounds like a great way to do that!

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    Actually, not a bad idea.......FINALLY!

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    I think it is a great idea!! dovey
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