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Thread: Those "Rose Colored Glasses"

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    im befuddled!lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Awickedreigndrop View Post
    I love that movie like that too. And that Rafiki scene was a great example. I guess my rose colored glasses are transition lenses.. Just like everyone else does, I know Elvis was human and had flaws. Who doesn't? I like to see the good in people but I don't deny their bad sides either. So what I am saying is, what ever flaw Elvis had he also had something good to match.
    Transition lenses? I love that! When I was much younger (Elvis fan for 40 + years) my glasses were rose colored! Now I know better, but I don't care. I'm just at a point where I figure it doesn't matter, after all, he's dead, and yet his legacy still exists-it still brings him & his music to younger fans & we older fans are still in the game. And because Elvis is dead – well, it’s easy for me to overlook his faults, I was raised in a time where we didn’t speak ill of the dead. IMO, all the good he did outweighs any of the bad, I’d like to think my glasses are transition ones, but really they’re still rose colored.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
    It seems to be that that is the way world is now Zey and it is very sad that sensationalism wins out over the good in people.


    You've made some very good points on this thread, Diane.

    4ThHeart, as always, I agree with your thoughts.


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    P.S. I've said before, when you love someone, you tend to look for the good, the rest, you accept, as part of that person being a human being, it's called unconditional love.

    I would have to agree w/that statement wholeheartedly.
    I see things for what they are, for example, Elvis, I know he had his faults, he was human, as we all are, but that does not mean I will dwell on the bad, because to me his good outweighed all the bad. I also look at it as stuff we've learned AFTER he was gone, therefore we don't have a fair balance, he is not here to either confirm nor deny, so I take what is told me, what I read, what I hear, w/a grain of salt.
    Also what Lisarose said, I was taught not to speak ill of the dead or those that are not here to defend themselves or give their side of the situation.
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