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Thread: when do you think we will hear young and beautiful from the on tour rehearsals?

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    when do you think we will hear young and beautiful from the on tour rehearsals?

    hi guys, when do you think that ernst and co. will release the rehearsal version of young and beautiful. i read in several different interviews with ernst that it does exist in a full version and in studio quality. my guess is that they are waiting maybe for some kind of special elvis on tour ftd special edition or something along the lines of that. what do all of you guys think? i hope it is soon, they say the older you get the more your hearing starts to go and i'm already 41 LOL . have a rockin week... mike

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    I have wondered the same thing. The way Ernst talked about it in that interview made it sound very special, which I'm sure it is. Hopefully the folks at Turner will see the strong sales figures for the Aloha and Comeback DVD sets and finally be convinced that an EOT upgrade is a worthwhile project. I doubt we will get the audio before the video, and I will venture a guess that in the next three years our wish will be granted. To me, watching those rehearsals will be as big a treat as watching unreleased concert footage, but of course I'll be looking forward to all of it. won't forget me when I go.

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    I wonder if it was filmed -if so hopefully it will be on the set which may come out next year or 2006?

    I sure did not like ernst way of saying "it is too good to release" or words to that effect.


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    Yeah, I wondered about that too: what could that possibly mean?

    If it's good it should be released. How can anything be: "too good"?

    Like Bobby said: the great sales of '68 and Aloha will hopefully make them reconsider about releasing an On Tour dvd set.

    After the disappointing release and sales of That's The Way It Is SE it was obvious that at that point they hesitated about releasing On Tour, but now...

    A release in the style of forementioned releases would sell, I know for sure!

    So, like everyone of us is asking for years: release On Tour! Together with those beautiful studio outtakes and that unreleased live footage!!!


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    I agree with you Simmerocks, we probably won't see this song, or any more rehearsal or concert recordings from this period until a special dvd / film project for the Elvis On Tour footage takes place.

    I am also curious to find out exactly what date the song was recorded, since it's never been heard of and was not included on any of the bootleg releases from the rehearsal sessions. I wonder if any more rare songs were attempted during these rehearsals?

    Lets just hope that MGM/Turner finally realizes that Elvis On Tour is in demand by the fans and is finally revamped and released!
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    Regarding whether Y & B was filmed, I haven't read that interview in some time, but obviously you've seen it, and wasn't it your understanding from what Ernst said that they have that on video?

    Yeah, "too good to release"...I had forgotten about that. What in the world? won't forget me when I go.

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    I know EPE promised somthing the fans never heard and seen before, around is 30 anniversary.
    So I am betting on the On Tour delux edition with ......oh lets say
    ... 5 Disc's.... (let's dream a littel bit)
    But i'ts possible to, that the are going to give the compleet CBS tapes on 2 Disc's (aigan a dream).

    Anyway Just let us see and wait.

    (oh and by the way you know wath will be great that FTD brings out DVD's of movie bloopers , and on and on and on......... )

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