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Thread: News about joe's new book

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    News about joe's new book

    Joe Esposito, author of - amongst others - "Straight Up vol. 1" has made it known to us that there will be no sequel.

    Volume 2 has been announced, including the black & white cover, but the script itself is withdrawn.

    No specific reason was given, other than Joe's hope to be able to concentrate on other book projects.

    Volume 1 is an excellent read, and it's really too bad that this series of books has been short-cut -- making volume 1 a collector's item al by itself.

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    Typical Joe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dave the rave View Post
    Typical Joe.
    In total agreement with you on this one!

    Daddy, I miss you more every day. You will always be my hero..

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    You can bet if it was really "a near sell out" as they claimed , there would be a
    sequel. Joe's told his story in several books on several tapes and a DVD, I can't imagine he's got much left to tell .

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