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Thread: Tickle Me - with free collector cards

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    Tickle Me - with free collector cards

    Received my copy of Tickle Me from the States today. (Why this isn't being released in Australia I have no idea ...)

    With regards to the five free collector cards included ... one of them is of Elvis with some stuntmen.

    Only problem is ... it ain't Elvis in the picture. It's his stunt double!

    Little things like this just bug me.

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    That's You Get You Rush Things For big Thing Of Year In USA

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    UIn USA they don't do things head liked japan and UK and Others, Elvis Not in their Top thing In USA(SONY/BMG/RCA In USA) And other Co. That have Elvis Stuff, That's why He having more Hits in others places, I been saying that for 25 years now.

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