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Thread: Interesting Answer....

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    Interesting Answer....

    Whilst I am still on my mission to find the whereabouts of Elvis tour bus I came across this article .....Can anyone add to this or correct this answer...

    Interesting read..

    Susan x
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    Interesting bit there about the ambulance that transported Elvis' body to the hospital is now supposedly in the hands of Graceland.

    What's the betting that Graceland will eventually make an exhibit of this, complete with either a dummy or 3D projection of a bloated Elvis riding on the trolley inside?

    You'll also be able to buy little ambulances with little bloated dolls inside, complete with little medical instruments to try and bring the little bloke back from the dead!

    Won't that be ... fun???

    I'm just glad the hearse has been destroyed!

    But as for the bus, it was there in 1988 when I went the first time, but after that, who knows?
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    I was at Graceland in June 2007 - no tour bus....

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