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Thread: Aloha From Hawaii on TV Land-Badly Edited

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    Aloha From Hawaii on TV Land-Badly Edited

    They cut out half the show. These songs were all edited out of the program on TV Land.

    Love Me
    Blue Suede Shoes
    I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
    Hound Dog
    What Now My Love
    Welcome To My World
    Band Introductions
    Long tall Sally/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On

    So they only showed:

    CC Rider
    Burning Love
    You Gave Me A Mountain
    Steamroller Blues
    My Way
    Johnny B Goode
    It's Over
    I Can't Stop loving You
    Suspicious Minds
    I'll Remember You
    An American Trilogy
    A Big Hunk O' Love
    Can't Help Falling In Love

    What???? It was edited from 60 minutes to about 30 minutes full musical time.This reminded me of how they would edite the show back in 1977 as part of the tributes on tv then when he died. Poorly done in my opinion.

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    Well, at least they started and ended with the right songs.
    But you are right. They probably wanted to go along with all the tributes but not all the way....... This way you save money I guess.

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    That's a good edit, IMHO ...

    They aired what would be considered the meat and potatoes of what made the ALOHA concert so special and revolutionary.

    That's what I call going for the root instead of the fruit !!!

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    Well they got to add a lot of comercials in the time they had after the edit.

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    I personally think it's goofy for them to edit it so severely.

    And it frankly doesn't make sense to me when people actually think watching a program like this is better than the DVD releases....which is crazy.

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    Yes, I saw that they edited Aloha, a shame.

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    Was not too thrilled in the manner they treated this historic concert.

    I understand the need for advertising revenue, but they could've still shown the show in it's entirity + commercials.
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    Yes I was suprised at how much they cut out....I enjoyed it just the same - but thankfully I have it on DVD so can get my Elvis fix that way....same with 1968 Comeback Special.....

    Question, are we all the same? Whenever an Elvis song comes on - whether on the radio or television or wherever - I automatically start singing to it - am I the only one? My husband went nuts last night because all the songs on the Aloha special I was just a singing to.....(no, I won't quit my day

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    It was bad, and the sound was horrible.

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