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Thread: does anybody have the interview of Lisa at graceland

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    Thanks for the post BossMan and the video Meg. I missed watching it and was really happy to find all the information here.. Yep, Diane Sawyer did her homework... Larry King sure did not..anyways thanks for the posts. Dovey
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    I thoroughly enjoyed Diane Sawyer's interview with Lisa Marie. There's never been any doubt in my mind that Lisa has always cared very deeply for her dad and still does.

    Sure she keeps things bottled up to the public - who could blame her as the more she said, the more would be twisted eventually..........


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    your a 100% right Diane I think she has done the best thing by expressing her feelings in songs (Lights Out and Nobody Noticed It) that way they will never be twisted!!

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    Lisa is so down to earth, very honnst in her feelings and answers.
    Priscilla is more aloof, always hiding her feelings, always on guard.
    It is difficult to tell what she means from the hearth and what she doesn't.

    I liked the broadcast with Lisa the most. In her I see so much of her daddy

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