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Thread: Anyone ever stay at the Graceland suite

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    Anyone ever stay at the Graceland suite

    Anyone ever stay at the Heartbreak Hotel in Memphis and stay in the Graceland Suite? I was wondering if anyone had photos, and If It was worth the price? My wife really wants to but is picky, I say a quick view on the travel channel special on Memphis and it mentioned the room and very quickly showed the Graceland Suite and it looked ALOT like the inside of I want a fan's opinion and photos if possible. Thanks. ... and long live ELVIS!

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    My boy my boy...ain't any of you Elvis fans out there ever stayed at the graceland suite? The larger one with the living room, dinning room, and tv room or the smaller suite that has the jungle room and the billiard room? Find that odd for the Rabid Elvis fans out there. Help a brother out man. Thank you...thanks you very much.

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