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    Just Pretend

    Just Pretend


    01. See see rider
    02. I got a woman / Amen
    03. Love me
    04. Trying to get to you
    05. And I love you so
    06. All shook up
    - Teddy bear / Don't be cruel
    07. You gave me a mountain
    08. Help me make it through the night
    09. Polk salad Annie
    10. Band introductions
    - Johnny B Goode
    - Drum solo Ronnie Tutt
    - Fender bass solo Jerry Scheff
    - Piano solo Glenn Hardin
    - School days
    11. Just pretend
    12. How great Thou art (with reprise)
    13. Burning love
    14. Hound dog
    - Welcome to my world
    15. Softly as I leave you
    16. America the beautiful
    17. It's now or never
    - O sole mio (sung by Elvis)
    18. Little darlin'
    19. Little sister
    20. Can't help falling in love

    Label: Fort Baxter 2091
    Released: 1991
    Sound quality: very good (soundboard)

    Date: December 13, 1975 (10.15pm show)
    Location: Las Vegas

    Jumpsuit: Silver phoenix suit

    Reviews: n/a

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    This is a fantastic show!!! One of the best shows from 1975(if not the best) BUY IT!!!
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    This show is really good. Elvis is in fine voice, his spirits are high (and only his spirits) and the song lineup is very good, too. The best thing is, that the sound on the cd is as good as the show itself. My personal highlights are Burning Love (clearly the best live version I have ever heard) and Just Pretend. But the whole show is great! To me this is one of the best import releases ever!

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    the one that started

    here it is , the i,port conyaining a soundboar performance from dfc/12 75 eve show, in my opinion the best release on the baxter label, if not the best import ever, one that i listen from begining to end, and i enjoy every track, i sure hope we will see a ftd release of this show from master tape. a cd that i keep comming back to, worth it's weight in gold.

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