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Thread: The latest Elvis item(s) you bought/got...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cliff View Post
    Still waitin for my "Elvis:68 at 40" and "Elvis Portraits" to arrive from Australia.
    But apart from that ,nothing.I'm fighting the temptation to drag out my credit card and get some FTDs.
    Would you mind picking me up a couple copys as well while you are at it?

    HEy !!!!! It worked for the dj's when they
    pleated for automobiles,on the air to Elvis,didn't it?
    You Remember That Donach Ya?

    Later Elton ^j^

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    I bought the FTD "Follow That Dream" about a week ago.

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    The last thing........this summer I was in Graceland,like that buys me many things,cds,shirt,vinilos ect..........

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