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Thread: Born To Rock (star) DVD

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    Born To Rock (star) DVD

    Here my latest DVD cover for the great Born To Rock release from the STAR label.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails born_to_rock_disc.jpg   born_to_rock_DVD.jpg  

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    Love the colors, great cover, excellent,

    Thanks for sharng,


    I dream a world where man no other man
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    waw love the colours great work thanks for sharing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unchained View Post
    Yeah, the red black combination looks liek a winner. Good going Patrick
    Thx Ron
    Also working on a dvd cover for Virginia loves Elvis (the hampton roads concert)...but still need some details for that cover, but can't find that release on the internet, so..if someone has some info on that dvd..please post it...

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    New more innovative artwork needed !

    Elvis fans have said it for years : new more innovative and creative artwork is needed for FTD releases, covers, inside coloured photos please (no more B/W pix, and for movie digipacks full coloured junk). BMG can afford it...especially for the 75 dollars they ask for those B/W pictures in the LA Forum release...are you kiddin' ? They seem to be rippin' off fans...
    Insteda they should pay a decent price for top quality photos of Keith, Bonja and Bob Heis, and not the least to Sean Shaver, Judy Palmer a.o. who were always sitting in the front rows and sometimes closer than anyone to Elvis.
    What is wrong with Sony's decision makers ? The ain't elvis fans that's for sure: And if Jack has something to do with it, he is cheap and subscribes to the (late) Vernon's mentality of being a lousy spender, despite the millions that roll in every day.

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