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Thread: How manny people workt at graceland

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    How manny people workt at graceland

    how manny household staff dit elvis have

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    I don't remember exact numbers but from what I read in Nancy Rooks book inside Graceland it seemed like about a dozen maybe less, including the handy men. She was a Cook/Maid, had other maids that came and went over the years, a couple of Handymen, secretary's . From the sounds of it everyone had a "job" they were hired for but often ended up doing whatever he wanted including just sometimes sitting and keeping him company talking. Maybe someone will have an exact number later but that was my impression from that book.

    Today though its gotta be hundreds of people, round the clock guards, Grounds crew, Tour guides, Ticket sellers.

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    How Many..

    About 180 persons plus 50 for offices & administration.

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