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Thread: Elvis Presley Alive....?

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    I think People just don't want to let go, for some its just fun to think What if.... There isn't any real harm in it but if you're gonna say so publicly you better have a thick skin because you're going to end up taking some abuse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gerianne View Post
    Let the man rest in peace
    That's say All, Elvis will live in our hearts and memories.

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    We all wished he was still alive and it's a interesting story but I see a lot of holes in it. If Elvis did fake his death, oh well that's life..or fake

    He just looked like he was stuck in repeating his rutine. Maybe that's something he learned making all them movies. I think the thrill was gone.

    No matter what, I love what he left behind.
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    i wish this was laid to rest do you honestly think elvis would put his family thru this hell if he was still alive i think not.

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    well if and i say IF IFelvis was alive i think his family would know and go and visit him from time to time as its the only way elvis could retire without quiting but we will never know there are storys to suggest that elvis didn't die and that he did if i was elvis i would have done it just think it would be the biggest secret in history well elvis will always be alive in our minds and our hearts

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    These stories are fabricated to make people go out and buy the books with all this nonsence in, we have to accept elvis died on aug 16 1977 in my opinion i would just stay away from these sort of accusations, the more people buy the more sh-- people will fabricate because they can sell it.

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    What a load of shite!!!!!!!

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    I closed this thread by request, since it's going nowhere.

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