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Thread: What was the 1st elvis record you ever bought/got??

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    Mad Tigers
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    Jul 2007
    Hamburg Germany
    My first record was Elvis forever,double record.I was very proud,15 years old.

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    Cadillac King
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    Jan 2005

    my first record

    way back in 1970, (I was 13 years old)..the Candem LP ``LET'S BE FRIENDS`` at the local store (general strore) for $1.99...I still have the first copy with me and mint still sealewd copy..and the second one was another Candem..Almost In Love.
    Soon after, I won the double LP (In Person/Back In Memphis)..and that was it. It was started for life..
    have a nice day, Bogarcon
    getting ready for Memphis 2007

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    EP BOULEVARD 77 goodelvisgirl's Avatar
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    Jun 2007
    waw i don't remember i can remember the first elvis song i heard was indescribably blue at 12 years old in my uncles house but the first cd i dont remember i think it was either moody blue or promised land i have so many its becoming harder to remember which ones i have

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    Coming On Strong Diana's Avatar
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    May 2007
    To begin with I like hard music and once I saw an Oprah's show with L.M.Presley. The next day I said to my classmate that Lisa is so cool and her father is a "dad of rnr".. In a week or too I had a birthday anjd she presented me a dvd with elvis' 1968 comeback... That is one of the most wonderful and important days of my life... That was ahuge surprise and the meaning of it I've understood only after playing it...
    Thanks for asking
    It is always worth while asking a question, though it is not always worth while answering one
    Oscar Wilde

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    Coming On Strong
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    Mar 2007
    First single was "Such A Night"/"Never Ending" in 1969 when i was 8 years old, first album was "I got Lucky" a couple of years later, along with "Jailhouse Rock" as my first EP.

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    Cadillac King nashville cat's Avatar
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    nashville, TN
    The first album I remeber listening to was my mother's copy of Moody Blue. "Way Down" is the song I remember playing. Also listened to her copy of Promised Land on 8-track.

    A couple of cheapie greatest hits on cassette were next, but the first proper album I remember buying for myself was As Recorded at Madison Square Garden.

    Some of my most vivid memories are of listening to his music for the first time. Thanks, Elvis.
    "I can't see my reflection in the water. I can't speak the sounds that show no pain. I can't hear the echo of my footsteps. I can't remember the sound of my own name" - Tomorrow Is A Long Time

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    my first Album was A Legerdary Performer, Volume Two in 1976 it took me 3 more years get volume 3, after that I buy ELVIS the 1968 comeback LP the frist Tape was He walks beside me, still have that.

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    Backstage Pass waymore44's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    My first album was the box set from Candelite Music called "The Elvis Presley Story". It was a great introduction. The first album I heard was the TV album "Elvis" from Brookville Records. My grandmother owned it and played it for me all the time. Then I got "GI Blues" for Christmas and my record collection was off and running.

    That was 1977. It's hard to believe I've been a fan for almost 30yrs!!!
    "I always liked that hillbilly."


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    International Level jatta-tcb's Avatar
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    Aug 2007
    this is an easy question for me.. because I bought my first Elvis CDs in April 2007 I bought 3 CDs on same day.. and they were: Burning love, I'm 10 000 years old -Elvis Country and Elvis Inspirational..

    since then I have bought ca. 30 Elvis CDs
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    International Level JDD's Avatar
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    Rockford IL
    My first that I bought myself was the Promised Land album , but I had a few before that , that were gifted to me .

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    TCB Mafia
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    Mar 2006

    First Album, I was little, Mum bought "Blue Hawaii" which was for a special family occasion. A pivotal occasion.

    Lovely memories, dancing with my cousins, we were all excited, danced to the whole album, several times, a wonderful night. The moment stood out! lol

    I kinda decided the album was mine, lol (although Mum still has it grrrrrrr, lol).

    I only had three albums, Elvis' was one of them.


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    Roustabouts zesty's Avatar
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    Qu?bec, Canada
    First Elvis records I ever had were Moody Blue, Christmas Album and Les 40 plus grands succ?s. Got 'em a few months after Elvis died.
    Later on I bought many LPs but sadly since I was young I used to cut the pictures on the covers and hang them on my wall so I ended up having many LPs without any covers.

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    Junior Member DazGreg's Avatar
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    Artist Of The Century.

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    TCB Mafia Joe Car's Avatar
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    My first record was the On Stage album in 1970, they were playing it at our local Woolworth's store, and I loved it, I was 11 years old at the time. Next I purchased Elvis From Memphis, not a bad way to start a collection with these two brilliant lp's! It took me about 6 months before I learned that Elvis had been around since 1955, I thought he had just come on the scene in 1968.

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    TCB Mafia SweetCaroline's Avatar
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    Sacramento foothills
    Gee, too long ago to remember the exact year. I had to be in about the 4th or 5th the 50's. First album was Elvis' first album....the one with ELVIS PRESLEY name in pink and green. Played on a kids record player over and over and over. No wonder my parents were ready to choke both Elvis and me.

    Gawd..........I just went back and read everyone's replies......suddenly I am feeling like I was born 10,000 years ago. LOL
    Last edited by SweetCaroline; 08-08-2007 at 08:35 PM. Reason: wanted to add somethign

    I will never forget you Rosanne.
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    International Level RS277's Avatar
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    Jan 2005
    My first was Aloha From Hawaii and Madison Square Garden. I became a fan while listening to Elvis' How great thou art album and the 45 Its only love which both belonged to my aunt. Some of my warmest childhood memories. Elvis would be amazed with the ages of some of his new fans.

    The king Is Gone....Long May He Reign
    If your an Elvis fan, no explanation is necessary....
    If your not, no explanation is possible!

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    2nd to None
    I'd like to go to Graceland

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    Cadillac King orwell1976's Avatar
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    My first record was a three record box called "The Best Of Elvis Presley" and was released in Germany by a label called "World Trade". The records contained only songs from 1954-1957 and the same label released a lot of albums that contained the same few songs. But anyway, my favorites where "All Shook Up" and "Too Much" (these are still two of my favorite songs by the way) and I played them over and over. The sound quality was pretty bad and even the quality of the vinyl was poor, but at the time (I was just eight years old) it was fine to me and it was the beginning of my collection. So: Praise to World Trade Records!

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    Mad Tigers
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    Melbourne, Australia
    I stole my first Elvis record. I was about 9. It was the 'Now or Never'/'Make Me Know It' 45, and it belonged to my mum. I found it in her record collection, played it and couldn't get enough, so decided I was going to keep it! LOL!!!

    I still have it!!!

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