I have just watched the Special Edition DVD of "Viva Las Vegas" and after the disappointing extras included on "Elvis: That's The Way It Is" I didn't know what to expect from this disc.

Well what a surprise I got. Yes, it certainly is a Special Edition, the quality is absolutely amazing. I have never seen it looking so good since it opened in the cinemas way back in the middle sixties. The colours are stunning and there's not a scratch, a speck of dust or any other faults on the film like we are so used to seeing. The sound is something else, though I haven't got a 5.1 system it sounds so beautiful in stereo.

Warners have certainly taken great care with the film, and those who have either a HD or Blu-Ray player are in for a real treat when this DVD is released in September it'll be better than ever.

The documentary is really good as well, it is very interesting and very fascinating.

So is it a hit or a miss - it's a great big HIT!

This is a must have release. Now I can't wait for "Jailhouse Rock!!!"