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Thread: Elvis left the Building

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    Elvis left the Building

    Hi Guys,

    somebody having a tracklisting of this great DVD?

    thanks Buddies!!

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    Not exactly a tracklisting but more of a still gives you an idea of wht the DVD is about though..this is from Elvis Information Network website.

    Now almost 30 years since Elvis' passing, its stunning impact has been substantially weakened by the passing of time and a lack of substantive video recordings of the vast telelevision news reports and accompanying specials.

    For this reason the release of Elvis Presley has left the building is a significant event. It goes a long way towards redressing lost memories of how the electronic media reacted to Elvis' death.

    Featuring television news reports from different countries around the world, Elvis Presley has left the building offers a multi-cultural mosaic signifying the enormity of Elvis' death - one which helps us better appreciate the importance and quantum of its media impact...globally.

    From the unmistakable voice of controversial television journalist, Geraldo Rivera, to the sometimes non- English speaking reports from EC countries including Holland, Germany and Belgium, our senses are filled by a rare emotional heartache.

    The imagery projected on the DVD is compelling, from the hundreds of floral tributes symbolising Elvis' importance, to emotionally distraught fans aged 8 to 80 lining Elvis Presley Boulevard. In one scene, Memphis Mafia member, George Klein, virtually breaks down while being interviewed, so heartbreaking is his emotional distress.

    The news reports come from a variety of sources - primary sources to taped from TV. As a result, there is wide variation in the quality of the audio-visual material, but this in no way detracts from its historical significance.

    Elvis Presley has left the building is a long overdue complement to "When Elvis Died", the superb written chronicle of global media reaction to Elvis' death by Neal and Janice Gregory.

    I hope this helps Susan...

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