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Thread: Various Video Footage

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    Various Video Footage

    I was having a look at the EPGold Web Site and came accross some excellant live video footage, many which I hadn't seen before.

    Get yourself over there if you haven't been before. just click the link below and click the link on the left hand side which says ELVIS FOOTAGE just below DVD

    EPGold Video Footage

    Enjoy, I did

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    I love that site, they have a repository of 7 pages of video, I've tried joining their forum but I've never been able to, they do a great job on that site.

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    i love that site. i have download so much there

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    Yes, they really do a fine job in providing excellent material for us all. Like you, Matt, I noticed some footage that i have never seen before (Las Vegas 72). (h)
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    Great site as well, so many videos we've never seen. There is a video of Elvis singing "Hurt" from 1977 on page 4, truly incredible. If you have a chance check it out, what a voice.

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