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Thread: What about these dvd's?

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    What about these dvd's?

    What about release of On Tour and In Concert in deluxe style???

    I mean:
    - all concerts in complete versions (all recorded 72 concerts and both 77 concerts)
    - all other footages from On Tour.

    It would be GREAT!!!
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    Hi Peter,

    I have moved this topic to the 'Elvis Zone', because we want to have reviews (+ comments) only in the DVD forum. This way it's easier for people to find information.

    But you're right about the dvd's: MGM should release all footage. Imagine having every recorded show on a dvd, the rehearsals on another one and the special also on another one.
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    There is a post in the FECC, where an usually reliable fan mentions that "EOT" is on the MGM release committee's "Shortlist" for a possible Special edition release next year (2005)

    Remember this is not 100% confirmed news and just what he has heard from a friend working with MGM.

    Perhaps we will finally get something - largely due to the success of the "Comeback" and "Aloha" DVDs.
    Keep rockin'


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