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Thread: Blue Hawaii 72

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    Blue Hawaii 72

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    This is a very nice job you did. GREAT!



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    Very nice work.. thanks for sharing.. Great work!! Dovey
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    hi unchained,

    i wish i could, but the size of a PDF can only be 19,5 Kb, so that wont work.
    I have no idea how to uplaod abetter file. I ahte it too, i work in the graphic industries and have made the cover in good resolution, and the jpeg is not that good.


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    Ok i found something to upload it to. Get the PDF-file here:

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    The fact is, that jpegfiles are pixelfiles, while a PDF has vectorized elements, like text and all elements except the pictures. So it will be always very sharp.

    The only thing you must watch when printiing a PDF is that its standard setting will be something like "fit to paper" you should not check this box and will print out well.

    Good Luck - Nicolaas

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