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Thread: Elvis Slips Into Austin

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    Elvis Slips Into Austin

    Elvis Slips Into Austin Texas


    2001: A space odyssey
    See see rider
    I got a woman / Amen
    Love me
    If you love me let me know
    You gave me a mountain
    Jailhouse rock
    O sole mio / It's now or never
    Little sister
    Teddy bear / Don't be cruel
    That's allright
    Steamroller blues
    Help me
    Band introductions
    Early morning rain
    What'd I say
    Johnny B Goode
    Drum solo Ronnie Tutt
    Fender bass solo Jerry Scheff
    Piano solo Tony Brown
    Keyboard solo Bobby Ogdin
    School days
    Hound dog
    Can't help falling in love

    Funny how time slips away (Norman, March 25, 1977)
    If you love me let me know (Norman, March 25, 1977)
    You gave me a mountain (Norman, March 25, 1977)

    Label: Crown CR-CD 003
    Released: 2003 (?)
    Sound quality: average (audience recording)

    Date: March 28, 1977
    Location: Austin

    Jumpsuit: King of spades suit

    Pictures: 1

    Reviews: n/a
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    Bad sound, bad artwork, bad cd. The only good thing is, that it contains the last live version of STEAMROLLER BLUES.

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    About the sound... Not so bad! Just average...
    About the artwork... Well! Bad work like a standard release from FTD!!! It probably takes 10 minutes to create a standard FTD cover... Same time for this release!

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