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Thread: It's A Matter Of Time

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    It's A Matter Of Time

    It's A Matter Of Time


    01. 2001: A space odyssey
    02. See see rider
    03. I got a woman / Amen
    04. Until it's time for you to go
    05. You don't have to say you love me
    06. Steamroller blues
    07. You gave me a mountain
    08. Fever
    09. Love me
    10. Blue suede shoes
    11. Love me tender
    12. Johnny B Goode
    13. Hound dog
    14. What now my love
    15. Suspicious minds
    16. Band introductions
    17. I'll remember you
    18. I can't stop loving you
    19. American trilogy
    20. Can't help falling in love

    21. It's A Matter Of Time (Las Vegas, August 25, 1973 ms)

    Label: Fort Baxter
    Released: 1993
    Sound quality: very good (soundboard)

    Date: February 5, 1973 (dinner show)
    Location: Las Vegas

    Jumpsuit: (?)

    Reviews: n/a
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    Beginning Of Fort Baxter

    Fort Baxter - without a doubt - is among the best bootleggers.
    In '93 when they came up with "It's A Matter Of Time" it was a high standard back then.
    The Content is good as the sound is, even though the title song is not from that actual concert and the IAMOT-Concert was not included instead respectively.
    But the artwork is awful, I think - even for '93

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    i got this one for free unfortunitly its one big track but it is one great show i wish i could find it to buy but im not complaing

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