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Thread: Elvis setlists?

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    Elvis setlists?

    When Elvis made setlists for his concerts? Shortly before shows?

    I think that Elvis had to spoke about songs with band - he couldn?t play a song for the 1st time without rehearsal (Return To Sender for example). It?s not probably to choose it according to his mood... What do you think?
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    I do think Elvis could do better on those songs if he rehearsed them..But the group and Elvis were proffesional enough to get it all worked out jammingwise

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    Peter, One thing that I have always wondered is that with all of the magnificant songs he had recorded throughout his career, why is it he only stuck with pretty much the same lineup of material for his shows during the mid 70's?

    I mean think of how many times he opened with See See Rider, I Got a Woman/Amen, and Love Me. Now granted, there were a number of shows where he did move away from the same routine, most notably during the July 1975 tour (Uniondale, Asheville), the December tour of 1976, and other shows in Las Vegas.

    Anyone else have any thoughts on this?
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    that's why i like the opening night august 74, what a setlist....
    after this show he continiued with his standard sets, maybe it's because the audiance wanted it that, the most response he get with his standard show i think...
    if he wanted , he could chanced his set every night

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