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Thread: Elvis wannabes

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    Elvis wannabes

    Marty Wildes daughter, popular singer Kim Wilde has just announced on BBC TV that she was trying to be Elvis.

    Her father Marty was one of the first British Rock 'n' Roll singers to make a name for himself on TV along with Cliff Richard and Billy Fury. (Wannabe Elvis guys) back in the late 50s.

    Marty was quite an Elvis fan...well they all were/are! Except for Billy Fury, sadly he died young. But he met Elvis during his singing career.
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    Oh gosh, Maurice, I haven't heard Kim's name for years! I used to love her

    I just had a little squiz on Youtube, I still think she is talented! lol

    Pretty wilde huh? lol


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    Hi Jess, Kim was quite stunning at the beginning of her career. She has been doing TV ads lately.

    Now Marty Wilde and his daughter Kim are to release a duet.

    Lovely day here in Ireland so we are heading for the great outdoors...planting wallflowers!

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