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Thread: PBS to air Elvis' Concert in March. :)

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    PBS to air Elvis' Concert in March. :)

    Press Release Source: Turner & Company

    The King of Rock 'n' Roll Lives Again in A Special Live Concert TV Special and DVD
    Monday February 19, 12:20 pm ET

    NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Imagine if you could still attend a live concert event starring Elvis Presley--a young, vibrant Elvis, in his prime. Modern technology has made that possible, and PBS will present all the excitement of an Elvis event, beginning in March!

    Elvis Presley was larger than life, and the Elvis experience is an amazing phenomenon that has continued to astonish 30 years after his death in 1977. In commemoration of the 25th anniversary of his death, Elvis: The 25th Anniversary Concert Event was staged at the Pyramid Coliseum in 2002 in his hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Through the magic of modern technology, Elvis is reunited with his original TCB band, his back-up singers and musical director for a unique concert special, featuring Elvis from Hawaii, in one of the biggest satellite concerts ever, and Las Vegas, and his supporting musicians and singers live on stage together in Memphis. This one-of-a-kind sold-out concert event has toured the world, stirring audiences and igniting a passion for the King in a whole new generation of music lovers.

    Staged just as if Elvis was appearing live in concert, the limousine arrives at the stage to a thunderous ovation, the lights go down, and suddenly Elvis appears center stage, only this time, it's on a video screen and the young, vibrant King of Rock 'n' Roll appears 20 times larger than life. On stage with him, playing and singing live are his band members and members of the Jordanaires, the Imperials, the Stamps and the Sweet Inspirations, all led by band leader, Joe Guercio. Performance footage from the live concert is punctuated with interviews with these supporting members.

    Joe Moscheo, a member of the Imperials and executive producer of the special, explains that the magic part was in syncing the live with the recorded. "The trick was to isolate the voice so all that was recorded was Elvis' image and his voice," he noted. "Some people don't realize that it's a live show accompanying Elvis' voice. What's especially thrilling about this is that we're introducing Elvis to a whole new generation of music lovers. This image of Elvis we all have is as a young man, and now he'll never grow old."

    In cooperation with the Elvis Presley Estate, Coming Home Music has captured all the excitement of that concert in a television special, Elvis Lives, airing exclusively on most PBS member stations nationwide beginning in March. Elvis Lives: The 25th Anniversary Special is available on DVD March 6th.

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    Thank you for the information

    I dream a world where man no other man
    will scorn. Where LOVE will bless the earth
    and peace its paths adorn...

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    Your quite welcome Mr. Tommy! I wish they'd given a date as to when this will air in March...If I get more info or if it's updated as to air date I will post it here.

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    Great news
    I'd like to go to Graceland

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    Hi elvis himselvis (cute screen name I like )...I think so I am excited to watch this.

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    I'd rather have the DVD....the one that they're showing in March will have all sorts of commercials and interruptions for them to beg for $$$.....

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    Yeah I thought of that to Tony but on other hand will be great to have a sneak peek prior to DVD.

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