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    I'd just like to tell you guys that I will not be making anymore covers until my scanner arrives. The reason being, I have simply run out of quality pictures and I want all of my future designs to be 300dpi.

    Until it arrives I will just sit back and enjoy everybody else's designs

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    With the first lines I thought that you was quiting. But the rest of your post was a complete 180 degrees turnaround. Great news!

    What scanner have you ordered?

    I have a Canon D1250U2 scanner and a Canon i550 printer. Pretty happy about them (although I paid way to much for it, because a few months later the better versions were cheaper than the versions I've bought :cry: )
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    It's a Visioneer One Touch 7100D USB Scanner. I actually won it in a design competition. I have no idea if it's any good. I've never had a scanner in my life.

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    Why WildStyle?

    Off course a scanned picture is better then a internet picture, but to me with internet pictures you must really use your creativity to the fullest. And with scanned pictures people tempt to get a little lazy and go for the easier designs.  

    95% of the covers I made are made with Internet picture, and I can go on for 2 to 3 years using internet pictures.

    Well, I just don't like having to enlarge the pictures. They lose too much quality and become too pixelated. I'd rather have some high quality pics to work wth. I may not totaly give up on internet pictures though as I only have a few Elvis books.

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    I like to design in 300dpi, so the pixels amount to 2835 x 1417.

    I'm annoyed that what I think was my best design (Elvis Sings The Blues) is only a measley 72dpi.

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    You are right. I've only recently started learning about all that dpi stuff lol. I'm trying to stay as profossional as possible

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    I just like making covers to impress you guys lol. And for you guys to use. My printer is too crappy for my liking. Too many black dots.

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    It's about 5 years old so I shouldn't expect too much from it

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